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Fayreform Bra Lace Perfect

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Fayreform Bra Lace PerfectFayreform Bra Lace Perfect

PLEASE NOTE: Fayreform is undergoing a price rise so some sizes will come up at the new price and some will come up at the old price. This is a circumstance that is out of our control and we apologise for the inconvenience.

  • Ultra light moulded cup in spacer knit provides the support and modesty of a contour bra, but is lighter on the body and doesn’t create added bulk.
  • Elegant geometric lace wings with side boning to prevent sides collapsing.
  • Shoulder straps are lined with cotton for extra comfort and prevent straps from slipping.
  • High shine wire casing compliments the elegant lace wings.
  • Inner support sling in cotton jersey supports the side of the bust for added support and a desirable shape.